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About us


Our Story

The awkBomb idea was originally conceived to be a gamer's website, with a fair share of tech and gadget coverage. During the early stages of the blogging revolution, no less. It happened too, with a regular blogger posting daily about video games, tech gadgets, and in short time... smart apparel.

But, it never felt very community based. Which was the inspiration for the name, awkBomb -- a community exploding with awesome awkwardness! Because let's face it, the team behind awkBomb is more than averagely awkward BUT we no doubt embrace our most awesome characteristic!

Yadda yadda yadda... finally we are now live as that marketplace for the awesomely awkwards and we couldn't be happier. 

Starting Out...

All products are made on-demand and shipped via UPS or USPS, typically within 4-5 business days.Please let us know what you think by Liking or commenting on our new Facebook page (be sure to invite your friends to check us out!).


*We are sorry, at this time we only offer a 14 day refund policy for a store credit. If your merchandise is damaged when it arrives, please contact us for an exchange or store credit. We will happily work to correct the situation.


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